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Dec. 11th, 2011 07:49 pm
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Criminal Minds: Apparently, Criminal Minds is good again but I can't find the motivation to get the episodes to catch up.

The Professionals: Ouch, there are some truly fugly clothes and hideous cars in the episodes. Was the 70's really that dreary?

Hetalia: Fandom, please stop making the personification of my country, England, cry - for no good reason - like a three year old that's seen his favourite teddy crushed under a bus.

Hetalia: Use some bloody lube!

Stargate SG-1: I caught sight of the team stepping through the stargate in a youtube multi-fandom video and my heart swelled. I love you, my amazing, brave and, alas, fictional team

Fandom 5

Apr. 11th, 2010 04:55 pm
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5 things about 5 fannish interests and one for the road.

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Hi, all. It's been a while but I bring you updates, plus there's more coming in the near-future, so I hope you'll forgive the lack of activity.

Two fic have been added to the site, both of them bigguns. The first is one of my favourite stories ever by ELG. I think slashers and genners alike who love the Jack and Daniel relationship will enjoy it. :)

Stargate SG-1: ELG - Divergence Category: Jack-Daniel Friendship & AU Jack/AU Daniel Slash. PG-13. [14,373 words] Spoilers: S3 spoilers (set after ‘Legacy’ & ‘Forever In A Day’) Pairings: AU Jack/AU Daniel. Warnings: None really. Summary: When SG-1 are visited by SG-A from a different universe Jack and Daniel are surprised to find that in another world they are more than just good friends.

The next fic is actually a novel and it was the most fun I've ever had writing, back in my Cherilyn days, lol. If you liked The Fugitive movie I think you'll enjoy this, especially as HG did most of the work and she's an amazing writer. :) My thanks to HG for agreeing to have her Fugitive fic posted on the site.

The Fugitive (movie): HG & Cherilyn. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. Gerard/Kimble slash. NC-17. [132,778 words] Notes: Originally appeared in zine form, produced and published by Dog-House Press.

Best wishes to everyone for the new year and rest assured, Bunnyfic was not dead, just resting for a while. ;)

Ankh xx
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Title: Wake Up Call
Author: Ankh
Info: PG. Gen though a teeny bit suggestive. Season 1. Appeared in the zine No One Gets Left Behind at

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Title: Gym
Author: Ankh
Archived: will be archived at
Info: Gen. Jack and Daniel friendship. Season 1.

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I've been having a look over old files on the laptop and came across some fic I'd forgotten about. Huh.

Title: Testing Boundaries
Author: Ankh
Rating: PG
Archived: Will be archived at
Info: Gen. Friendship. AU version of Divide and Conquer (season 4). Jack and Daniel centric. Appeared in the zine No One Gets Left Behind at
Summary: What would have happened if Daniel had been left behind the force field on the Goa'uld ship in Divide and Conquer.

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I'm not sure if these are all that unpopular fandom-wide, but here goes:

Stargate SG-1
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Nothing new, I just want a record so I can check what I've listed on Bunnyfic, posted on journals, and what's still to be uploaded.

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RL has been somewhat busy and Scrubs has eaten what was left of my brain and my free time. I'm still here, still loving Stargate SG-1 despite being a two-timing slut with Scrubs. Daniel Jackson still has my heart (as evidenced by my Shiny New LJ Banner). Ficcage has been somewhat lacking, so I need to do something about that, especially WiPs that have been left to languish on my computer. While I've been doing squat, it's been lovely to see SG-1 fandom continues to trot along being productive and wonderfully creative. Valentine's Day is over but, regardless, I'll send a big I Love You to SG-1 fandom for being its talented, screwed up, diverse self.

In case anyone missed this and fancies a SGA/SG-1 crossover slash fic (Jack/Daniel, McShep) go here:
Wraith Killers by Lady Ra

SG-1 Polls.

Nov. 9th, 2007 09:27 pm
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[Poll #1085886]
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After chatting to [ profile] elgrey about various episodes and inconsistent behaviour/writing, I decided to take another look at season 8 episode Endgame.
Daniel is so playful he's downright giddy. Sam's missing and Jack's whining that Daniel shouldn't go off to rescue her, because the bad guys might be waiting and Daniel might...get...hurt. Add to this the penis zat shot:

Yes, that does appear to be a giant dildo pointing at Jack's face. If you squint it maybe looks like the zat gun Daniel is holding in the scene...but you'd be wrong. It is, actually, that giant dildo you thought you saw in the first place. My conclusion is that Jack and Daniel have started a shiny new sexual relationship which began after we see them so cosy during the previous episode's wedding scene (Sacrifices), this is something I'm supposed to see because it is so very much canon. This makes me happy. It also makes me wonder if I should delete recent posts about Ronon shagging Daniel, because Jack is going to kill me.

He's not real, right?
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...because I'm feeling crappy and this makes me feel better.
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It's about time I started putting a teeny dent in that Stargatefic100 table.

Title: Smell
Characters: Daniel, Teal’c
Prompt: Smell
Rating: R slash
Word Count: 522
Summary: There are some Jaffa abilities Teal’c doesn’t discuss
Author's Notes: written for [ profile] stargatefic100

There are enhanced Jaffa abilities Teal’c does not talk about. )
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Huh. Not sure where this came from. It's set after Heroes.

Title: Far From Home
Author: Ankh
Genre: Gen
Season: After 'Heroes'
Warning: mention of death of a regular character.

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Oddly enough, this happened while I was writing for the J/D ficathon. Huh. Anyway, it's total PWP but they seem to be having a nice time.

Title: Say It
Pairing: Daniel/Cameron
Rating: NC-17

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Title: Substitute for Love
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: NC-17
Words: 6955
Season/Spoilers: Tin Man (s1). Set around end of season 3. Assumes Double Jeopardy never happened.
Prompt: Requirements: 1. Team fic; 2. J/D Mission!Sex. Optional Request: Use this line any way you want to, spoken by any character you want: "It didn't taste like that last time"; Happy ending.
Note: Unbeta-ed (and probably rough as heck) to make the deadline. This was written for the 2007 Jack/Daniel Ficathon, hosted by [personal profile] trelkez . The masterlist of terrific J/D fic can be found HERE
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[ profile] splash_the_cat has themed rec lists.
I can't believe I missed off [ profile] princessofg... Link to the Rec List of Rec Lists post here
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These are the 30 that immediately came to mind. I know I've missed out favourite scenes, and I'll kick myself and wonder how I could possibly have missed out scene X.

1. "Spacemonkey. Yeah!" (Serpent's Lair)
2. Looking for Siler and his Big Wrench in the background.
3. Teal'c's blond chin 'hairy caterpillar' (season 4)
4. Sam crying in the elevator after leaving Cassie. (Singularity)
5. "I know where your child is." (Serpent's Song).
6. Daniel shooting the tank filled with baby goa'uld (Bloodlines)
7. The moment blue crystal Jack turned into blue crystal Charlie (Cold Lazarus)
8. Daniel saying goodbye to the people of Abydos. (Children of the Gods)
9. Daniel facing off Anubis, only to be hauled away by the 'Others'. (Full Circle)
10. Teal'c shooting the flying goa'uld in The First Ones.
11.Daniel destroying Moscow (Absolute Power)
12. Jack meeting the Asgard. "We are a very curious race." (The Fifth Race)
13. "I haven't left your side Teal'c. And I'm not going to. That's a promise." (Daniel, The Changeling)
14. "I choose freedom" (Teal'c, Threshold)
15. "Come on, Jack. Y-You think the Asgard named a ship after you because they thought it was a cool name? Now's not the time to play dumb. You're a lot smarter than that. They saw our potential in you...because of who you are and what you've done. Humanity's potential. That's the same thing Oma saw in me."(Daniel, Abyss)
16. Puppet Daniel typing and drawing on the monitor. (200)
17. "Get out of here! You're just gonna blow up with the other ship anyway! What difference does it make? Go! Just go. I'll stay and watch your back." (Daniel, Serpent's Lair)
18. Jack pushing up Daniel's glasses in Serpent's Venom
19. "Oh. Sorry. Could you, could you light that again?" (Daniel after blowing out the candle in Maternal Instinct)
20. Daniel crashing through the window in Meridian.
21. Daniel crying while Jack holds him in the store room scene in Need.
22. The light show 'book' in Torment of Tantalus
23. Jack throwing a knife at Heru'Ur (Secrets)
24. Playing toss the symbiote head (The First Ones)
25. Robot Sam in pain but continuing with her task in Double Jeopardy.
26. Sam crying at Daniel's bedside in Meridian.
27. Jack, Daniel and Sam all volunteering to save Teal'c by entering a virtual reality game that might kill them. (Avatar).
28. Battle between Daniel and RepliCarter. (Reckoning Part 2)
29. Any time the stargate kawooshes because it's beautiful and promises so much.
30. SG-1 going through the stargate. Still magic.

Stop it.

Jun. 17th, 2007 06:29 pm
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If so many episodes of SG-1 are riddled with holes and lacking in the things I enjoy most (friendship and caring as examples), why do I continue to write fic trying to fix them? They can't be fixed. They were lacking to begin with and nothing I can write can change that fact. I can write everyone giving a crap about injured/missing/distraught team member X, but if my screen showed them not giving a shit, why bother inserting my version of what should have happened? Why not just start afresh to begin with?

I think I'm trying to figure out why I'm hanging on to so many WiP episode tags and rewrites. It's overwhelming. I found three more on my laptop that I'd forgotten about. I just need to throw away the duct tape, forget the cracked episodes, and go with the shiny new stuff I could be writing instead.

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