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These are the 30 that immediately came to mind. I know I've missed out favourite scenes, and I'll kick myself and wonder how I could possibly have missed out scene X.

1. "Spacemonkey. Yeah!" (Serpent's Lair)
2. Looking for Siler and his Big Wrench in the background.
3. Teal'c's blond chin 'hairy caterpillar' (season 4)
4. Sam crying in the elevator after leaving Cassie. (Singularity)
5. "I know where your child is." (Serpent's Song).
6. Daniel shooting the tank filled with baby goa'uld (Bloodlines)
7. The moment blue crystal Jack turned into blue crystal Charlie (Cold Lazarus)
8. Daniel saying goodbye to the people of Abydos. (Children of the Gods)
9. Daniel facing off Anubis, only to be hauled away by the 'Others'. (Full Circle)
10. Teal'c shooting the flying goa'uld in The First Ones.
11.Daniel destroying Moscow (Absolute Power)
12. Jack meeting the Asgard. "We are a very curious race." (The Fifth Race)
13. "I haven't left your side Teal'c. And I'm not going to. That's a promise." (Daniel, The Changeling)
14. "I choose freedom" (Teal'c, Threshold)
15. "Come on, Jack. Y-You think the Asgard named a ship after you because they thought it was a cool name? Now's not the time to play dumb. You're a lot smarter than that. They saw our potential in you...because of who you are and what you've done. Humanity's potential. That's the same thing Oma saw in me."(Daniel, Abyss)
16. Puppet Daniel typing and drawing on the monitor. (200)
17. "Get out of here! You're just gonna blow up with the other ship anyway! What difference does it make? Go! Just go. I'll stay and watch your back." (Daniel, Serpent's Lair)
18. Jack pushing up Daniel's glasses in Serpent's Venom
19. "Oh. Sorry. Could you, could you light that again?" (Daniel after blowing out the candle in Maternal Instinct)
20. Daniel crashing through the window in Meridian.
21. Daniel crying while Jack holds him in the store room scene in Need.
22. The light show 'book' in Torment of Tantalus
23. Jack throwing a knife at Heru'Ur (Secrets)
24. Playing toss the symbiote head (The First Ones)
25. Robot Sam in pain but continuing with her task in Double Jeopardy.
26. Sam crying at Daniel's bedside in Meridian.
27. Jack, Daniel and Sam all volunteering to save Teal'c by entering a virtual reality game that might kill them. (Avatar).
28. Battle between Daniel and RepliCarter. (Reckoning Part 2)
29. Any time the stargate kawooshes because it's beautiful and promises so much.
30. SG-1 going through the stargate. Still magic.
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