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[ profile] splash_the_cat has themed rec lists.
I can't believe I missed off [ profile] princessofg... Link to the Rec List of Rec Lists post here
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The following are new additions to the list:

[ profile] jayb111
[ profile] sg_fignewton
[ profile] sailorsueuk
[ profile] innocent_lex
[ profile] nomads_gen_recs
[ profile] sg_hc_fic

Thanks for the info and effort. :-)

Rec of Fic Recs can be found here
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I posted some links to Fic Recs in THIS post, and it's just occured to me that it's a good opportunity to get some more from you lovely people 'out there'. So, here's the challenge. List 5 or more of your favourite fic. If you don't know the link, leave it blank, and I'm sure we can track it down (assuming it hasn't been pulled from the net). You can either post in the comments here and I can gather the recs up and add them to the post mentioned above or a part 2. Alternatively, I can link to your post on your lj. All that's required is:

URL: (leave blank if unknown and I'll try to track it down)
INFO: (pairings if any, as much of a summary as you want to give without spoiling the fic; whatever and as much info you'd like to add)

Optional info: why you like the fic. This would be interesting but isn't absolutely necessary, as a rec alone is usually enough incentive to read.

If you can add a note for me to link to your lj or to add your recs directly to a post on my lj, that would be helpful. The more people respond, the more recs, so please join in. :-)
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[ profile] rec_room: This link takes you to a list of their tags, Stargate SG-1 included. Multi-fandom, multi-genre, particularly slash.

[ profile] sg_hc_fic Fic Recs:

[ profile] stargateficrec:

[ profile] stargategenrec:

[ profile] stargate_search:

[ profile] stargate_search Thematic List: HERE
Note about Stargate Search: check out the links which are listed on the left hand side. They have links to:
* Archives: Character/Pairing
* Archives: Gen
* Archives: Het
* Archives: Slash
* Archives: Thematic
* Episode Commentaries
* Funny Stuff
* Meta
* Thematic Lists
* Videos

[ profile] nomads_gen_recs:
Organized by tagged fandoms, with SG-1 further sub-tagged by genre and character, and even season. The most basic SG-1 tag is here: *Thanks to [ profile] sg_fignewton for the rec.


Alijot Stargate SG-1 fic recs:
Alijot Page 2 (recs from 13/05/07):

Arduinna's Recs:

[ profile] azar_recs: *some ship and crossovers.


[ profile] green_grrl:
Green Grrl's post listing her SG-1 rec pages:

Icarus SG-1 Recs: Mix of gen and slash.

[ profile] innocent_lex Rec-A-Fic Response:

[ profile] jayb111 Rec-A-Fic Response:

[ profile] oceanas_recs Stargate List: *mostly slash
Oceana_recs for other fandoms: *mostly slash

[ profile] princessofg SG-1 Rec List of Doom Part 1:
SG-1 Rec List of Doom Part 2:

[ profile] sailorsueuk Rec-A-Fic Response:

[ profile] sg_fignewton Master List of Fic Recs:
This is over 90% gen, with an occasional Daniel/Sha're and an even more occasional something else.

[ profile] splash_the_cat has themed rec lists:
Sam Carter (gen)
Stargate Apocafic
Sam/Jack/Daniel and other multiples

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[ profile] elgrey has written a very hot Wes/Gunn fic. I'm not even in the fandom but the characters are pretty and the sex is hot and I'm shallow so here it is.

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