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Apr. 11th, 2010 04:55 pm
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5 things about 5 fannish interests and one for the road.

Criminal Minds 5
Fav characters are Reid and Garcia
The bloody stuff squicks me.
I liked Gideon and Elle but think the team is better with the newbies.
Derek Morgan and Garcia should flirt in every episode.
Kevin Lynch is adorable but I want him to dress sexy for Garcia in at least one episode.

Stargate SG-1 5
I'd slash Daniel Jackson with anyone hot.
Sam and Teal'c should have had sex or some serious snogging in at least one universe because that would have been sexy as hell.
I get warm fuzzies when the team go through the gate together.
I like Cameron and Vala.
I suspect Thor is a pervert.

Merlin 5
I want Merlin to leave Arthur at least once after Arthur has been too much of a prat.
Merlin needs more clothes, I'm sick of the same blue, red and brown combo, and I wish he'd ditch the neckerchiefs because I like his throat and collarbones on display.
Gwen and Lancelot are hot. Gwen and Arthur are really not. The legends have it right.
Merlin dressing and undressing Arthur should be an episode all of its own.
I want Gwen and Morgana as BFFs! Gwen/Morgana/Lancelot ftw.

Tim and Tony is really growing on me big time.
Abby is adorable and would make me consider bisexuality. In fanfic land she and Garcia should meet and if I wasn't so bloody lazy I'd write it myself.
Gibbs is at his best when being daddy of the team.
I liked Kate.
I like Ziva

Supernatural 5
Wincest no longer squicks me, especially if you toss Castiel into the mix. Angel layer cake yummy.
I like every season better than the one before it.
I liked Jo and Ellen.
I like the brothers being at odds because I think the payoff is going to be amazing.
I prefer Bobby as dad.

Heroes 5
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