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I'm not sure if these are all that unpopular fandom-wide, but here goes:

Stargate SG-1
1. What the writers did to Jonas after he left (or rather, to Kelowna and therefore to Jonas) was pretty crappy.
2. Sam Carter is not an evil bitch who should be punished.
3. Maybourne tried to have Daniel shot and was ready to have Teal'c taken away to Area 51. He is not cute and funny. He is an utter bastard.
4. Anise could have been an interesting character.
5. Daniel became too bitchy, especially around Vala.
6. Daniel should not end up with Vala because it's not a soap opera and they're on the same team. If they're having feelings/sexual attraction with one another in the show/movies then they need to split up. Fanfic is another matter and there anything goes.
7. Jonas should be in at least one of the Stargate movies.
8. Jack and Sarah should get back together.
9. Sam is Daniel's friend. While they do sometimes share science twins moments, they are not actually siblings.
10. Jack was an ass over the 'feelings' thing. As team leader he should have addressed the issue, one way or another. Ignoring it and not permitting discussion is not addressing the issue though it might work for a 14 year old boy.

1. Dr Cox and his rants is getting annoying rather than entertaining.
2. The Janitor has gone beyond weird. He is a dangerous psychopath and his torture of JD is no longer amusing.
3. What the hell was going on with season 6?
4. Since when do friends let someone live in a tent?
5. The Kim storyline was worth it for the end result.
6. If Elliot and JD got together I'd probably cheer.

1. I like Jen the Director. I never thought I'd say that.
2. Ziva and Tony are sexy together. I'd be happy to see them play with that more.
3. Gibbs and his past with the dead daughter is boring me to tears.
4. I hope Mike Franks falls off a cliff. Annoying sod.
5. The pro-military, pro-Government tone makes me uncomfortable.
6. Torture is not funny or acceptable. Having Ziva do it doesn't make it acceptable.

1. I liked Jo.
2. Dean's behaviour this season makes sense to me.
3. John was not an abusive alcoholic who mistreated his boys.
4. Non-whites are treated like crap, assuming any actually show up in an episode.
5. Bela suggesting angry sex was bloody funny.
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