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I thought some of the SG-1 promo pics were bad. We had the deranged airbrusher of season 10. I thought the season 7 SG-1 pic where Daniel's head had been superimposed over that of Jonas was awful. This S4 Atlantis pic (ergo spoiler!) has to be the absolute pits. Nothing works. Height differences, lighting, McKay and Ronon as hobbits...

Do not click unless you know about season 4 cast:
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For season 4, it looks like they've moved away from the Hollywood musicals look and have decided to go with classic lit. Look, it's Gulliver Gibbs and the itsy bitsy people of Lilliput:

Stop it.

Jun. 17th, 2007 06:29 pm
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If so many episodes of SG-1 are riddled with holes and lacking in the things I enjoy most (friendship and caring as examples), why do I continue to write fic trying to fix them? They can't be fixed. They were lacking to begin with and nothing I can write can change that fact. I can write everyone giving a crap about injured/missing/distraught team member X, but if my screen showed them not giving a shit, why bother inserting my version of what should have happened? Why not just start afresh to begin with?

I think I'm trying to figure out why I'm hanging on to so many WiP episode tags and rewrites. It's overwhelming. I found three more on my laptop that I'd forgotten about. I just need to throw away the duct tape, forget the cracked episodes, and go with the shiny new stuff I could be writing instead.
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Last week I mentioned the NCIS season 1 cover, and the fact Tony's face is cut in half suggested semi-trained monkeys are in charge of creating these things. I take it back. I was aiming too far up the intelligence ladder. That or I was assuming the monkeys weren't being fed the bad crack. Behold the covers for season 2 and season 3. Season 3 must have been especially bad crack as the monkey was having hallucinations of Gibbs as Fred Astaire. I'm really not seeing DiNozzo as Ginger. Well, not outside of fanfic.
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Oy. The more I hear about the SG-1 'movie' the more I wonder if I should stay the heck away from it.spoilers for Continuum behind the cut )
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Got this in my update/alert email from TV Shows on DVD website:
This is supposed to be an SG-1 team pic, right? So where the heck is Vala? I used to think someone creating these covers had a hard on for AT/Sam and the reason MS was shoved into the background so often (sometimes missing altogether) was because he doesn't have Girl Bits; then I saw the cover for Atlantis with McKay shoved waaaay into the background. Now this. Vala has Girl Bits. Vala is on SG-1 full time. Vala isn't on the cover. Add the cover of season 1 NCIS dvd (Tony's face is cut in half) and I'm going to conclude that images are randomly selected and hacked to bits by a semi-trained monkey, with extra banana pieces attached to the Lead Male and Lead Female. Dammit, can't they leave the poor monkeys to groom each other and toss scat and have human beings creating these things?
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First off, anyone else calling this Bareback Mountain without meaning to? It just sort of slips out.

Secondly, I haven't seen it - yet. I will see it but only because i've stopped reading the press about it.
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