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I signed up for the USUK (Hetalia) Secret Santa in a fit of insanity enthusiasm. I love my prompt so much and now I'm rather fearful I won't do it justice. To add to this, the opening scene is 1500 words long. At this rate, I'll finish by Christmas 2012.

After posting my old Pros novel a while back, a few things made themselves known. First of all, ten year old zine fic still has a new audience, lots of comments from people who had never read it because they don't buy zines, for whatever reason. Secondly, a lot of those people said they were downloading the fic to their Kindle. It made my very glad I decided to post it on AO3 as I didn't realise quite how many people are reading their fic on eReaders. I get such a kick out of knowing someone is carrying my fic around with them. :D (assuming they didn't read it and delete it pronto because they thought it was a pile of steaming crap...nope, I'm keeping my positive thoughts, yay!)
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I has an AO3 account! And have posted! Go me! I've been thinking about it for a while, I love the idea of a central fanfic archive that feels safe(ish) from TOSsing, that has a bizillion fandoms, that is easy to navigate and offers a way of filtering fic so I can find what I'm in the mood for. I love their tags and I'm making an effort to use them - the blowjob tag seemed to, er, come up a fair bit when tagging my fic, which makes me look a tad fixated. Oddly, my true fixation, chocolate, appears surprisingly little. Clearly I need more fic involving copious amounts of Thorntons and possible misuse thereof.

I am here: I got some hits as I posted which was so lovely given how long ago they were written. It's nice to think someone out there in fandom land had never read them and now they have.

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