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Nothing new, I just want a record so I can check what I've listed on Bunnyfic, posted on journals, and what's still to be uploaded.

The One With the Indecent Proposal - Joey/Chandler slash.

Quantum Leap
Star Bright - Sam and Al friendship. Gen. PG. Angst. Friendship.

Stargate SG-1
A Jaffa Thing - slash. Daniel/Teal’c. R.
A New Path - Daniel/Teal'c slash. PG-13.
Changing Reality - AU Sam/Jack (Point of View). Season 3. Het. PG.
Cliffhanger - Jack/Daniel slash. NC-17.
Confessions - Jack/Danel slash. NC-17.
Coming Home - Gen. Jack and Daniel friendship. Missing scene fic. PG-13.
Culture Shock - Jack, Daniel, Teal'c. Friendship. Gen. Season 1.  
Discovered In a Drawer - Jack/Daniel slash. NC-17. Season 7.
Far From Home - Gen. PG.
First Impression - Sam/Daniel UST. PG. Season 1 episode Children of the Gods.
Future Prospects - Jack and Hammond friendship. Gen. Season 2 (post 1969).
Generally Speaking - Jack/Daniel slash , Daniel/Cameron UST. PG-13. Season 9 (post Origin).
Go Fish - Jack and Daniel friendship. Gen. PG. Season 4 (Small Victories).
Hardwood - Jack/Daniel slash. NC-17.
Home - Jack/Daniel slash. NC-17.
Last Waltz - Jack/Daniel slash. R/15.
Lost and Found - Daniel and Sam friendship. PG. Gen.
Mistletoe Mischief - Jack/Daniel. Slash. First Time. PG-13.
Never Alone - Jack and Daniel friendship. Hurt/comfort. Gen. 
New Beginning - Moebius/AU Jack/Daniel slash. PG-13.
Night Maneuvers - Daniel/Cameron slash. R/15. Season 9.
Perfect Reproduction - Tin Man robots Jack/Daniel slash. NC-17. Follow on to Season 4's Double Jeopardy.
Prior Claim - Jack/Daniel slash. NC-17. AU as certain events differ from episodes.
Prisoners - Teal'c and Skaara. Season 1 (Children of the Gods). Gen. G.
Say It - Daniel/Cameron. NC-17.
The Simple Things - Jack/Daniel slash. NC-17. Season 3.
Substitute for Love - Jack/Daniel. NC-17.
Truth & Consequences - Jack/Daniel slash. NC-17. Season 4 (Window of Opportunity).
Who I Am - Teal'c and Daniel Gen or pre-slash. PG.

The X Files
Duet - PG-13. Skinner/Scully, UST, Vignette. 
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