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Today is a jammies day. Sometimes you just have to lounge around without a bra on, wear loose clothes, drink tea and be a slob. I've just created a bookmarks page on delicious, not many links but I plan to keep adding to it. Right now I'm surfing youtube and decided I was in a ufo vid mood. For those like me who enjoy watching weird glowy lights in the sky, here's what I'm watching:
It's a compilation of footage from NASA missions and a few other sources, interesting stuff.
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Ahh, Bank Holiday Monday, how much I love you. I love Saturday. I appreciate Sunday the way you do a good restaurant that serves great food, but it's popular, so they try to rush you out of the place after an hour, just as you're starting to relax and thinking about cheesecake and cappuccino. Monday will be spent the same way I spent Sunday - lie in till 10.30am, spend a couple hours catching up on email, lj and the new shiny Dreamwidth all the cool kids are talkin' 'bout (I'm not a cool kid, I'm the small kid with the scooter that follows them). In fact, this post is brought to you using the power of crossposting. Don't I feel like I'm riding the cutting edge of online communication. Oh, yeah. At some point there will be Sorting (not like Harry Potter sorting, not really sure why it needs a capital 's', maybe because the quantity of Stuff to Sort would make Hercules whimper. But! Before the Sorting there will be fannishness, which brings me to what I'm watching lately.

Criminal Minds has stamped a claim on my heart. I'd love to blame the pretty boy eye candy but I suspect Penelope Garcia is to blame. You know how people have gone Susan Boyle crazy because she's Super Ordinary Woman, the regular person in her 40's, unmarried with a cat, the woman next door no one notices? Penelope Garcia could be poster chick for fandom, the smart geeky woman with nerdy tendencies who isn't stick-thin, isn't a super model, is very appealing, has an eye for the pretty and is funny. She's someone you want to spend time with, in fact I've spent time with her, with versions of her throughout my life since discovering fandom at age 22. Combine Penelope with two other women on the show who are smart, funny, endearing, great at their job and talk about things other than men, and it's obvious why Criminal Minds is the first show I watch when my downloads are ready.

Primeval. It's cheesy. It's a tad silly. I don't care. Even with the latest Episodes of Suck starring Action Man, it's still a fun show. Connor Temple should be available as a pet. I like the women. It has a new pretty. It's playful and doesn't take itself seriously. It's fun.

Life. I love this show. I love how the humour is surreal with shades of Monty Python. I love that Dani Reese reminds me so much of Sandra Bullock's Gracie Hart in Miss Congeniality. I love the dialogue. I like all the characters and all the relationships. I like the way they've taken characters and changed the relationships. The stories are usually interesting but I'm watching it for the characters.

Supernatural. I think this is a show I have to watch without reading the comments of other viewers. I was watching it every week asap and, for the most part, enjoying it; some negative stuff was being said a while back, and now I'm five episodes or so behind. So, note to self, give the episodes a chance and see what happens. Duh!

Merlin. There is no Merlin. Why is there no Merlin? I need Merlin, dammit! That is all.

NCIS. Confession: I enjoy Tony and Ziva flirting and ust. :P So, I've enjoyed all the episodes that spring immediately to mind. As always, the show has scenes I'd rather they did differently, but the NCIS family feel is still intact (with a hormonal vibe between playful brother Tony and their exotic cousin Ziva) and that's the reason I'm watching. The stories enable the characters to interact and the dead bodies mean we see Ducky and Palmer, so yay for the weekly murders!

So now I'm off to watch the latest Primeval that aired on Saturday. Hopefully Connor will sit on the new pretty's lap again and Abby will do something super heroic while being a non-superhero every woman.

Oh shit

Jan. 14th, 2007 12:27 am
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Today was eventful to say the least.

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