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I posted some links to Fic Recs in THIS post, and it's just occured to me that it's a good opportunity to get some more from you lovely people 'out there'. So, here's the challenge. List 5 or more of your favourite fic. If you don't know the link, leave it blank, and I'm sure we can track it down (assuming it hasn't been pulled from the net). You can either post in the comments here and I can gather the recs up and add them to the post mentioned above or a part 2. Alternatively, I can link to your post on your lj. All that's required is:

URL: (leave blank if unknown and I'll try to track it down)
INFO: (pairings if any, as much of a summary as you want to give without spoiling the fic; whatever and as much info you'd like to add)

Optional info: why you like the fic. This would be interesting but isn't absolutely necessary, as a rec alone is usually enough incentive to read.

If you can add a note for me to link to your lj or to add your recs directly to a post on my lj, that would be helpful. The more people respond, the more recs, so please join in. :-)
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[ profile] rec_room: This link takes you to a list of their tags, Stargate SG-1 included. Multi-fandom, multi-genre, particularly slash.

[ profile] sg_hc_fic Fic Recs:

[ profile] stargateficrec:

[ profile] stargategenrec:

[ profile] stargate_search:

[ profile] stargate_search Thematic List: HERE
Note about Stargate Search: check out the links which are listed on the left hand side. They have links to:
* Archives: Character/Pairing
* Archives: Gen
* Archives: Het
* Archives: Slash
* Archives: Thematic
* Episode Commentaries
* Funny Stuff
* Meta
* Thematic Lists
* Videos

[ profile] nomads_gen_recs:
Organized by tagged fandoms, with SG-1 further sub-tagged by genre and character, and even season. The most basic SG-1 tag is here: *Thanks to [ profile] sg_fignewton for the rec.


Alijot Stargate SG-1 fic recs:
Alijot Page 2 (recs from 13/05/07):

Arduinna's Recs:

[ profile] azar_recs: *some ship and crossovers.


[ profile] green_grrl:
Green Grrl's post listing her SG-1 rec pages:

Icarus SG-1 Recs: Mix of gen and slash.

[ profile] innocent_lex Rec-A-Fic Response:

[ profile] jayb111 Rec-A-Fic Response:

[ profile] oceanas_recs Stargate List: *mostly slash
Oceana_recs for other fandoms: *mostly slash

[ profile] princessofg SG-1 Rec List of Doom Part 1:
SG-1 Rec List of Doom Part 2:

[ profile] sailorsueuk Rec-A-Fic Response:

[ profile] sg_fignewton Master List of Fic Recs:
This is over 90% gen, with an occasional Daniel/Sha're and an even more occasional something else.

[ profile] splash_the_cat has themed rec lists:
Sam Carter (gen)
Stargate Apocafic
Sam/Jack/Daniel and other multiples

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Oy. The more I hear about the SG-1 'movie' the more I wonder if I should stay the heck away from it.spoilers for Continuum behind the cut )
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I'm clearing my hard drive (8GB cleared! Hooyah!) and the WIPs are mocking me. I'm going to post any snippets that will never grow up to be fully fledged stories because the other snippets are taking up more of the nest.

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Got this in my update/alert email from TV Shows on DVD website:
This is supposed to be an SG-1 team pic, right? So where the heck is Vala? I used to think someone creating these covers had a hard on for AT/Sam and the reason MS was shoved into the background so often (sometimes missing altogether) was because he doesn't have Girl Bits; then I saw the cover for Atlantis with McKay shoved waaaay into the background. Now this. Vala has Girl Bits. Vala is on SG-1 full time. Vala isn't on the cover. Add the cover of season 1 NCIS dvd (Tony's face is cut in half) and I'm going to conclude that images are randomly selected and hacked to bits by a semi-trained monkey, with extra banana pieces attached to the Lead Male and Lead Female. Dammit, can't they leave the poor monkeys to groom each other and toss scat and have human beings creating these things?
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Something certain people on my flist will enjoy. Today's theme on Shanks Daily is All Tied Up:
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Explorer Unit Field Pack - the first fan club pack that was released was excellent. It included card photos, patches, a mini poster, and fannish bits and bobs. Pic below:

Black and white photo quality print 30cms x 65cms:
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I'm sure most if not all of my flist know about Anna's (Yum@) situation this past year. For those who don't, Anna (Yum@ of has been ill for some time, and such a long term illness has been a financial stress on her and her family. I'm getting some items ready as part of the eBay auction for Anna that will be happening soon (there's also a zine in the works, so I'll link to that when it's ready). I'm putting the first list of items up here so people can have a look through it and see if there's anything they want. That way, I can avoid eBay costs and all the money can then go to Anna. This batch has been donated by [ profile] elgrey. If you see anything you'd like just email me at or in the comments section if you don't mind being public. If you know anyone who might like something, please point them this way and let them know it's for a good cause. I can provide pics if required. Items are in the UK.


NOTE: Next list will include Stargate novels, zines, photos and art prints. If there's a particular Stargate SG-1 magazine interview pre 2006 you're after ask and I might have the issue.
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I had a crack at a couple of the Five Things challenges over at [ profile] sg1_five_things which are now unscreened. An interesting exercise, especially if you're having problems getting back into writing fic. I'll link to the comms and edit this post to add the ficlets later as the thread has lots of entries by other people that should be read.
Five things Jack saw in his rear-view mirror on the way to Washington, D.C here
Five things Jack Likes about Ba'al here

All of which post is an excuse to try out my new Origin gif. ;-P

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I've been in fannish heaven this week and I'm sure it accounts for why I'm not fighting off the usual Friday evening need to nap. In fact, I'm feeling pretty darn perky. I've got a shiny new show to watch: Heroes. I finally saw the shiny not-so-new-but-very-pretty Swan Lake (Matthew Bourne production with male swans). The Quest Part 2 proved to be on-screen danielfic - hurt/comfort and Danny Whumping no less.

Heroes rambling... Read more... )

Swan Lake Read more... )

Stargate SG-1's The Quest Part 2. Read more... )
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I added another old favourite to the mgm profile. The Fifth Race 'cruvas' scene. Oh, Jack, you used to be *such* a studmuffin.
Cruvas? What is that?
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Remember that site I mentioned? My sad-fangirlness grows. I have a channel for vids and the like. The first two items are scenes from Serpent's Lair: 'Space monkey' and 'I'll stay and watch your back'.

Go here for a Jack & Daniel blast from the past


Oct. 8th, 2006 07:20 pm
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Finally, I've realised what it is that bothers me about this picture:
He looks like he should be playing an SS officer in a WW2 movie.
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I'm having far too much fun playing with it:
My initial reaction of 'But you can't put vids with MGM material on their very own website' vanished around the time I subscribed to Brihana's vid channel. Yes, I know the vids are better quality on websites. I really do know this. Hasn't stopped me from subscribing. I'm playing the vids more now than I do when they're sitting on my hard drive. Not sure quite why MGM is setting up this site now when the show seems like it's about to end. Maybe they think it will shift more DVDs. No idea what their reason is, could speculate till the cows came home, but it's such a kick to see a site that is run by a studio but embraces fandom. Well, it is so far. I guess the real test will be if they start acting like pissy bitches like...Fox was it?

No doubt fan politics will invade eventually but, right now, it's full of fandom-y goodness from all walks of fandom and that's so nice to see again.
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Here be spoilers...
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I was watching Covenant yesterday as it happened to be on Sky 1. I've never bothered watching the episode before as five minutes when it first aired was quite enough. I was bored and virus-y (yes that is a real word) so there I am, watching, and there's a scene when the team is talking about Colson(?) in the briefing room. They enter. Daniel sits down and I swear he yelped or made some ouch of a noise as he sat down too quickly. Anyone have the episode to check or does anyone remember the scene?
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Brighter Daniel Wallpaper

I love the wallpaper of Daniel but it looks a bit dull to me. I've brightened it up and uploaded it here for those who want it. It's full size - click on the thumbnail then click the download option or go right here:
Brighter Daniel Wallpaper

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One very big fic added:

Salt of the Earth by ELG. It's that rare thing of beauty, a Stargate SG-1 gen team fic.

Here's the author's note because I want people to know about the following:

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This fic was released from the charity zine Mercy in Action put out by Jmas on her site Ancient's Gate and edited by Scribe to benefit, a charity which Scribe works tirelessly to support. Thanks to the zine producer and zine editor contributing all their valuable work for nothing, all the proceeds of this zine go to charity. Scribe is editing submissions for a multi-fandom gen zine to benefit Mercy in Action again this year. The zine will be released this summer; fandoms to include Stargate SG-1, Angel, Good Omens, Lord of the Rings, and Without A Trace.
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Right now it feels like I'm the only person in fandom who is looking forward to season 10, who doesn't think Daniel is going to be wallpapered so Vala or Mitchell or Sam/Jack Ship or some other Dire Threat can take over the show. I liked season 9. I thought it had about the same number of meh! episodes as any other season. I loved Vala, I loved Daniel and didn't think he was anyone's sidekick but was in fact carrying pretty much most of the show and at least half the 'meat' of the season. I enjoyed Sam again, thought Teal'c had more to do than he's had in years and found Mitchell inconsistent but no more annoying than Jack has frequently been and no more the Heroic Lead than Daniel. In fact, I thought Daniel totally owned season 9 with the exception of a few episodes when it felt like SCIFI Channel coughed in the ears of the Bridge Boys and reminded them that, actually, Mitchell should have something to do because he's the shiny new SG-1 leader.

So anyway. That's me, looking forward to season 10, spoilers and sides be damned.

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