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Nothing new, I just want a record so I can check what I've listed on Bunnyfic, posted on journals, and what's still to be uploaded.

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Feb. 25th, 2008 08:13 pm
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Lately, I've been getting stabbing aches and pains in my legs and arms; given how many hours of my free time are spent in front of my pc, it's a no-brainer as to the cause. One scary article about blood clots and a Google search later, I came across this site:

The stretches are easy to follow, requiring neither specialist equipment nor rubber joints, and they only take a few minutes. There are probably better sites out there, and by all means point me at them if you know of one.
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For [ profile] aizjanika because she loves the boys and their smushiness.

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RL has been somewhat busy and Scrubs has eaten what was left of my brain and my free time. I'm still here, still loving Stargate SG-1 despite being a two-timing slut with Scrubs. Daniel Jackson still has my heart (as evidenced by my Shiny New LJ Banner). Ficcage has been somewhat lacking, so I need to do something about that, especially WiPs that have been left to languish on my computer. While I've been doing squat, it's been lovely to see SG-1 fandom continues to trot along being productive and wonderfully creative. Valentine's Day is over but, regardless, I'll send a big I Love You to SG-1 fandom for being its talented, screwed up, diverse self.

In case anyone missed this and fancies a SGA/SG-1 crossover slash fic (Jack/Daniel, McShep) go here:
Wraith Killers by Lady Ra
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In the news section (which is the first page to load) there's a freebie download of Understand, which is an mp3 file. It's the 22nd Oct entry. There's also snippets from her album. I'm finding it very catchy.
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Now and then I get emails for the address I use for my Junior fic. Today I received these:

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As seen on TV

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Sweet Pasta god in the sky, they must have read the fic... ;-P
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TV Guide: What can you say about the reports of turmoil on the set, which ended with creator Don Bellisario leaving the show?
Michael Weatherly: I stay largely outside the politics of the show. I learned two lessons on another show [Dark Angel, in which he costarred with — and became engaged to — Jessica Alba]: The less I say the better, and don't date your costar! So Mark Harmon and I have never dated. Though the Silver Fox and I did spend a week in Vermont that nobody knows about.

SG-1 Polls.

Nov. 9th, 2007 09:27 pm
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[Poll #1085886]
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Name your top six TV shows right now, before reading the questions.

1. Stargate SG-1
2. Supernatural
3. Heroes
4. Firefly
6. The Professionals
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Title: Fugitive
Author: Ankh
Movie Adapted: The Fugitive
Genre: gen
Characters/Pairings: Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter, Jack O'Neill, Teal'c, Jonas, Janet, Kowolsky, Sara Gardiner/Osiris
Rating: R
Word Count: 3000 as of 14/10/07 WIP
Warnings: Work in progress. (see note below)
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended; fair use only. Not created for profit.
NOTE: This is a work in progress. My apologies for not posting a completed fic. I'm posting this as a WiP, not to be annoying, but to meet the generously extended deadline. I do intend to finish this but real life lately isn't letting me. I strongly suggest anyone interested in reading this fic doesn't do so until it's finished, which should be over the next month or two once RL Personal Stuff releases it's current hold on me. The fic is bare bones and it will undoubtedly change from its present form - I've already had Jack and Sam swapping roles without asking for my permission and Jonas came out of nowhere.
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*hearts* end of last NCIS episode. That is all. :-D
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After chatting to [ profile] elgrey about various episodes and inconsistent behaviour/writing, I decided to take another look at season 8 episode Endgame.
Daniel is so playful he's downright giddy. Sam's missing and Jack's whining that Daniel shouldn't go off to rescue her, because the bad guys might be waiting and Daniel might...get...hurt. Add to this the penis zat shot:

Yes, that does appear to be a giant dildo pointing at Jack's face. If you squint it maybe looks like the zat gun Daniel is holding in the scene...but you'd be wrong. It is, actually, that giant dildo you thought you saw in the first place. My conclusion is that Jack and Daniel have started a shiny new sexual relationship which began after we see them so cosy during the previous episode's wedding scene (Sacrifices), this is something I'm supposed to see because it is so very much canon. This makes me happy. It also makes me wonder if I should delete recent posts about Ronon shagging Daniel, because Jack is going to kill me.

He's not real, right?
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...please spare a moment to check your listing. So far I've had to hunt down the fic archives of 23 writers who have changed their URL. If you see you've got an old URL listed, or if your information is out of date, please drop me an email via the site, via my lj, or simply leave a comment in this thread.

Thanks to the writers who have contacted me over the last week or so. Much appreciated!
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I spent last night updating the site:
If anyone is writing Daniel-centric fic and isn't listed, yell out so I can grab you! I don't tend to ask people because it leads to hurt feelings when there's someone I've forgotten to ask/don't know about, so if you're not listed it's because you haven't contacted me or your submission has gone astray.

Next stage is checking the links of the writers. If you happen to spot a dead link, you can let me know here. I'll be checking them tonight.
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...because I'm feeling crappy and this makes me feel better.
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Title: The One With the Indecent Proposal
Author Ankh
Fandom: Friends
Pairing: Joey/Chandler slash. Rachel and Phoebe friendship.
Rating: PG-13
Date: Sept 98
Summary: Talk of Joey's big role and the movie Indecent Proposal leads to Rachel asking the question 'How much would it take?'
Note: appeared in the multi-fandom zine Alter Egos 3 under another pen name.
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I thought some of the SG-1 promo pics were bad. We had the deranged airbrusher of season 10. I thought the season 7 SG-1 pic where Daniel's head had been superimposed over that of Jonas was awful. This S4 Atlantis pic (ergo spoiler!) has to be the absolute pits. Nothing works. Height differences, lighting, McKay and Ronon as hobbits...

Do not click unless you know about season 4 cast:
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It's about time I started putting a teeny dent in that Stargatefic100 table.

Title: Smell
Characters: Daniel, Teal’c
Prompt: Smell
Rating: R slash
Word Count: 522
Summary: There are some Jaffa abilities Teal’c doesn’t discuss
Author's Notes: written for [ profile] stargatefic100

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