Jun. 2nd, 2009

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List 3 'ships' that are your favourites for the following categories: friendship, het, slash.

1. Joey and Chandler - Friends. I never get tired of those first couple of seasons when the Joey and Chandler duo were at their best. I must have watched the 'Joey moves out and in again' episodes a dozen times at least.

2. Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci - Quantum Leap. This was my first fandom and, while I've never gone back and watched it after the final episode aired (and made everything I'd watched never happen that way...grrrr), the love between those guys gave major warm fuzzies and can still make me smile.

3. Sam and Dean Winchester - Supernatural. Oh, boys... You make me want to bang your heads together sometimes, and other times I want to hug the pair of you. Yes, you're sooo manly and heroic - now go and weep over each other some more then hug, thankyaverymuch.

1. Garcia and Morgan - Criminal Minds. This deserves an OMG. Flirty, sexy and just the right level of ship, kept at the friendship level but with a deep love that goes beyond the teasing banter. Mmmm, shippy...

2. Zoe and Wash - Firefly. Huh. This surprised me. I was thinking Sam and Teal'c, Scully and Mulder, Dempsey and Makepeace, Scarecrow and Mrs King; I thought I'd take another look at the sci fi I watch, and Zoe and Wash popped into my head. Wonderful couple written just right with great chemistry, and proof married ship can work just as well as UST. Oh and that thing that happened in Serenity? Did Not Happen. So neener Josh Whedon!

3. Niles and Daphne - Frasier. Another one I'm surprised I picked. I stopped watching after the runaway bride episode (made me dislike the characters), but I've been hearing how it went afterwards and it's made me think about the years I enjoyed watching these two dance around each other. I need to catch up with what I've missed and I definitely need to rewatch the early seasons.

1. Jack and Daniel - Stargate SG-1. I had a real problem deciding whether I wanted this listed as slash or friendship because I adore both types of relationship with these two. I love their differences and how similar they are at the same time. Most of all I love their chemistry. This is probably my all time favourite paring.

2. Gerard and Kimble - The Fugitive (movie). Yes, I'm picking two characters that spend most of their time apart in a single movie. Oooh, but when they do meet! Sparks! I know I'm heavily influenced by the fanfic side of things but sod it, I love them. :D

3. Bodie and Doyle - The Professionals. I have such fondness for the boys, mainly because it was the first fandom I got into that had writer cons that I attended, hugely supportive people who all adored the boys (preferably naked and in bed - first fandom for me that was predominantly slash). The show had its crappy moments but on the whole it's aged well and the boys are still damn sexy together.

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