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Show: SGA

Rec Category: Kidfic - of the accidentally de-aged kind
Characters: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, all the usual Atlantis characters
Categories: Gen
Warnings: Nil
Author on LJ: seperis
Author's Website: See the AO3
Link: Teacher's Pet on AO3

Why This Must Be Read: This is a series of stories, in which John is de-aged back to 8 y.o. by an off-world priestess as a learning experience. He doesn't have all his adult memories and has to grow up again, and rather than sending him back to Earth they manage - not without difficulty - to keep him on Atlantis and raise him as a big extended family. His aging is accelerated, but it's still supposed to take six months and there are some plot twists about whether the de-aging really is temporary or not. Domenika Marzione wrote two of the stories, one set when John's older and is beginning to go through his military training again. There's no final story that wraps everything up, but each of the fics is complete, so I didn't find it frustrating in a WIP sense - it's a great read, and contains some interesting dynamics with competition especially between Rodney and the military about who the most formative influences on John are going to be, especially as he gets older. There's an alternate ending story in the series that explores a different path the plot could have taken, as well. It was written a while ago so italics are shown by asterisks around words.

"Elizabeth gives me cookies when I get something right," John says resentfully, erasing a line with his sleeve before rewriting it in bright green. Turning a little, he fixes a wide eyed look of pained hope in Rodney's direction, like that actually *works* or something.

Bribery. Rodney doesn't approve *at all*. But. "If you finish," Rodney says slowly, hoping to God that Zelenka doesn´t hear this or he will never, ever live it down, "we'll disassemble one of the naqada generators." John lights up--he's always better in practical application than theory anyway. "Ah ah ah--only if you finish."

With renewed energy, John goes back to work and Rodney thinks, child rearing is a *snap*, and wonders if John's still got clearance to get some C-4. A nice day outside on the mainland, where the Athosians will coo over his big green eyes, and Rodney will teach him how to build bombs.

Let Elizabeth and Teyla and Ronon and half of freaking *Atlantis* coo over John's charm, Rodney thinks grimly and tries not to melt when John rubs his hand over his forehead and leaves a vivid streak of green, hair sticking up on top in a way that's so painfully cute that Rodney almost thinks that maybe he'll give in and build John a miniature puddlejumper to ride around Atlantis in. But not yet. Rodney's going to make sure that this time around, John's brought up *right*.

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Best relationships comics on the web

This web comic series by Catana is without a doubt our favorite when it comes to relationships. If you like these, be sure to check out her site and her Instagram , meanwhile here are  her recent 25 works. Have fun! 

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